Anti-corruption policy of the company



We, "Uzbekistan GTL" LLC team (hereinafter referred to as the "UzGTL team"), consider it extremely important to maintain a good business reputation among counterparties, business partners and public through transparent and fair business conduct on the basis of mutually beneficial partnership in accordance with the requirements of the Code of Corporate Ethics.

To achieve the above, UzGTL employees, regardless of their position and social status, undertake to strictly comply with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the requirements of local acts, ensuring and maintaining a corporate culture of "zero tolerance" to any forms and manifestations of corruption, as well as performing their work in accordance with the standards of business ethics and social responsibility.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of the anti-corruption system, direct and open work with whistleblowers is organized. In order to increase the level of legal awareness and anti-corruption literacy of the Company's employees, courses and trainings are organized on a regular basis. The independence of the compliance inspectors is ensured by direct reporting to JSC "Uzbekneftegaz".

"Uzbekistan GTL" LLC, in turn, expects counterparties, suppliers, contractors and business partners to apply similar principles and standards.



In accordance with the State Program on Combating Corruption for 2019-2020 (UP-5729 dd. 27.02.2019) (hereinafter – the "State Program"), there have been identified priority directions of state policy in the field of combating corruption, including the introduction of compliance control system in organizations with state share. In accordance with the State Program, JSC "Uzbekneftegaz" the Board Order No. 67 dd. 28.09.2020 issued, adopting a number of local regulations on anti-corruption and requiring all subsidiaries to adopt similar local regulations taking into account the specific company activity. "Uzbekistan GTL" LLC General Director Order No. 295/ADM dd. 25.11.2020 approved local anti-corruption regulations.

All local regulations were developed in order to comply with the anti-corruption legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, taking into account the leading world practices and international experience, including the requirements of the international standard ISO 37001: 2016 "Anti-bribery management systems — Requirements with guidance for use".


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  2. Code of Corporate Ethics of “Uzbekistan GTL LLC” (Russian)
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In order to receive messages about continuing violations or committed violations of the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, unethical behavior of employees of "Uzbekistan GTL" LLC, about situations of conflict of interest or other negative consequences of the actions of employees of the Company, you can use the following communication channels:

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