The Uzbekistan GTL plant has officially released the first batch of synthetic oil in the history of the petrochemical industry of New Uzbekistan.

The resulting synthetic oil is the main feedstock for the production of synthetic diesel fuel, jet fuel, naphtha and liquefied gas at the GTL plant.

Synthetic oil currently being produced is stored in the refinery's intermediate storage tanks and production of high quality, environmentally friendly synthetic liquid fuels will soon begin through refining, including GTL diesel, kerosene, naphtha and LPG.

This event is a new technological stage in the development of the modern petrochemical and oil and gas processing industry of the Republic, and this day is symbolically considered a historical day - the production of synthetic liquid fuel was launched in Uzbekistan for the first time.

On June 14, 2022, the production of synthesis gas was fully launched at the GTL plant. On the night of June 14-15, the produced synthesis gas was sent for the first time to the Fischer-Tropsch reactors, a plant for the production of synthetic fluid.

It was noted and confirmed by laboratory tests that as a result of their physical and chemical reactions in the technological process, synthetic oil is formed in the reactor.

Synthetic oil is currently being sent to an intermediate storage tank.

The entire key process of commissioning, ensuring the synchronous operation of about 11 thousand pieces of equipment and key production units of the entire plant, as well as their full control and management is carried out by engineers and young specialists of the Uzbekistan GTL plant independently, without the direct participation of foreign specialists.