Interaction with society


Community interaction Report on the works done in cooperation with Alexander Ignatiev, RAMBOLL representative

In February 2019, Alexander Ignatiev visited Otkuduk. During the visit, RAMBOLL’s representative toured the settlement together with UzGTL Project specialists, accompanied by the head of Otkuduk. To collect information and feedback, a round table was organized with local activists.

The group visited the Contractor's accommodation camp, located 3 kilometers from the construction site of the Uzbekneftegaz GTL Plant. The group reviewed information re: workers’ canteens, medical centers and living conditions in the camp. Alexander Ignatiev identified potential improvements and set deadlines to address them.

Finally, we conversed with a shepherd living between the accommodation camp and the construction site. We ascertained the Project’s impact on his activities. The shepherd expressed gratitude noting the Project helps him with materials for construction at his request.