GTL technology

The core of Uzbekistan GTL technology is the Sasol Slurry Phase Distillate Process™ (SPD Process). This is a three-step process. In the first step, natural gas is combined with oxygen to form a syngas. This syngas is then subjected to a Fischer-Tropsch conversion to produce a waxy syncrude. Finally, this syncrude is cracked down to produce the final products.


Knowledge of GTL technology has existed for over 100 years but has only been widely used in the last 20 years. The successful development of new, more stable, cheaper catalysts has reduced the size of GTL plants to the level of deposits, and increases in motor fuel prices have made such processing complexes highly cost-effective.


Previously, projects utilizing GTL technology were profitable only with sufficiently large feedstock volumes (1.4 - 2.0 bcm of gas per year). Now, sustainable profitability of GTL plants starts at 50.0 million m3 of gas per year.