Why "Uzbekistan GTL"?

The Uzbekistan GTL team is united by extensive experience gained in other oil and gas projects, and advanced knowledge of successfully applying this technology in Uzbekistan. This allows Uzbekistan GTL to understand commercial opportunities offered by the excellent quality of GTL products, making the most of existing domestic and regional markets, and developing new markets. 


Dear university graduates and promising young professionals!

Uzbekistan GTL LLC continues its efforts in recruitment and training of personnel. Currently, the Company builds its talent pipeline from the 2020 graduates of specialized universities and young promising personnel with relevant skills/qualifications.

Due to the pandemic, we have switched to the online registration of candidates.

In addition to questions on the registration form, there are additional questions to assess candidates’ personal qualities and foreign language proficiency levels.

Completed forms are assessed by the Company's HR specialists and successful candidates are then invited to the next stage of selection, i.e., individual interviews.

The Company launched two social projects aimed at motivating and stimulating young personnel:

“The Best Young Specialist of the Year” and the Uzbekistan GTL Scholarship.

"Creating a first-class, sustainable and valuable business in the synthetic liquid fuel (GTL) industry in Uzbekistan»


Youth Union of Uzbekistan

The primary organization of Youth Union of Uzbekistan was established in Uzbekistan GTL on November 14, 2017.   Its purpose is to ensure efficient assistance and support to young specialists of the Company and implement goals and objectives of the state youth policy.


Uzbekistan GTL Scholarship

The Company has been successfully running Uzbekistan GTL scholarship program since 2019 in order to motivate and stimulate future personnel of the oil and gas industry, as well as to build the Company's talent pipeline with highly qualified personnel and graduates of the country's leading universities of oil and gas industry.


The Best Poem

This competition seeks creative and intellectual potential among employees, to guide their moral worldviews, civil and patriotic positions, develop an interest in literature and issue of the poems collection dedicated to the Company.


Best Young Specialist of the Year

According to the results of the competition, 12 young specialists were awarded the title of "Best Young Specialist of the Year", diplomas and memorable gifts.