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Uzbekistan’s golden road to the future with environmentally friendly energy resources

Uzbekistan GTL intends to be one of the most advanced energy plants in the world in production of high quality fuels facilitating in the least impact on atmosphere air, to deliver a cleaner transport future and support economic growth and development.

Access to affordable energy drives growth and prosperity. In English, OLTIN YO'L means 'Golden Road' and the project will help set Uzbekistan on a golden road to a clean and sustainable energy future, and drive development.

Using Uzbekistan's natural gas, Uzbekistan GTL will produce some of the cleanest and most advanced transport fuels in the world – reducing emissions while adding one of the world's most advanced technologies to Uzbekistan's already impressive energy industry.

In partnership with Sasol of South Africa, Uzbekneftegaz is delivering one of the most ambitious energy projects in the world today. Uzbekistan GTL will set new standards for fuel performance and demonstrate the exciting opportunities Uzbekistan has.

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We conduct our business in a fair, honest and transparent manner.

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