At the initiative of the movement of entrepreneurs and business people – the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, a meeting with representatives of the Party and employees of the GTL Plant was held in the Accommodation Camp of the GTL Plant on Aug


The meeting was attended by Sh. Aslanov, Chairman of UzLiDeP’s Kashkadarya Regional Council, representatives and activists of the Regional Council of People's Deputies.

During the meeting with employees of Uzbekistan GTL LLC, members of UzLiDeP’s Kashkadarya Regional Council told them about history, ideology, goals and objectives of the Party, as well as about members of the Central Office and structure of the Party.

Since the Company's staff is made up mostly of young professionals, the leadership of the Regional Council of People's Deputies called on the employees to take an active part in Presidential elections on October 24, 2021 which will become a major event in political life of our country.

In addition, the leadership of the Regional Council of People's Deputies, F. Abdurasulov, the General Director of Uzbekistan GTL LLC and the Company’s  Trade Union attended a  ceremony of awarding employees of a number of workshops and departments who took an active part in successful testing of Unit 74 (Cooling Unit System), Unit 81 (Flare System) and Site Acceptance Tests at the GTL Plant Site, with certificates of honor and valuable prizes.